Wheel of Chance 3 Reel Slots

The Wheel Of Fortune has nothing on the original Wheel Of Chance, the 3 reel version, that is full of the pizzazz, glamour, glitz, and rewards.

The Inside Scoop On Wheel Of Chance 3 Reel Slots

Wager Gaming Software is the genius behind, the three reel version of Wheel Of Chance which comes with with 3 reels with a single pay line. This version is different than the popular 5 reel one. In this classic slot game, the game play is designed to follow the mold of a retro slot game even with a side crank and credit buttons.

The other symbols in the game are cherries, bars, sevens, as well as diamonds, which is the highest ranked symbol. The diamond is also the game’s wild, and will double winning combinations when it falls. Getting a set of three off a single coin bet, is good for 800 coins. That amount will double to 1,600 coins for betting with two coins. The top amount of 2,400 coins will fall your way, provided that you land three if you land three diamonds based on three coins. Two diamonds on the pay reel, in tandem with another icon will reward you with four times the amount you wagered.

The second highest ranking symbol is the red seven. Getting three of these on the reel, off a single coin bet, will be good for 80 coins. This will double to 160 coins, based on a two coin wager. The triple bar is the third highest paying symbol. Payment can vary between 40 to to 120 coins based on the number of coins you placed your wager with.

Not to be overlooked is the bonus symbol. One of these to land off the max three coin bet, will launch the bonus round. During the bonus round, you will spend the wheel of chance, and where it stops will determine your prize. You can opt to spin the wheel again to upgrade your prize, but be careful not to land on the bankruptcy symbol, otherwise you will lose it all.

You can place bets on your own, or you can elect to set them up through auto play mode so you can take in all the excitement. You can also push the spin button or pull the crank on the side to make your bets.