Farming Futures Slots

Wager Gaming Software is the gaming platform and the inspiration when it comes to Farming Futures Slots, an amusing slot game.

Stepping Into The Farming Details

Farming Futures is not like regular 5 reel slot games. In fact this game is a seven reels one that comes with 9 pay lines. The theme of this game follows the cute farm animals who are running around loose on the farm. Farming Futures, however, does not have wild symbols, nor any scatter symbols for that matter. The highest ranking icon is this animated fan fare game is symbolized by the farm boy biting on straw. Manage to get all seven icons of him will produce 2,500 coins.

The second highest ranking icon is that of the horse. Seven horses that falls on the pay line will result in 1,000 coins. The happy duck is the third ranked symbol, shelling out 500 coins for seven of these cute duckies. The other icons in the game, are the pretty cow, the goat and the wealthy pig.

As mentioned before, this game does not boast a scatter symbol, therefore there are no bonus round nor any free spins to be had or played here. Regular game play wins are factored in from both sides of the reel. Farmers Future gives you the option of placing bets on your own, or you can elect to set them up through auto play mode. If the virtual farm life is appealing to you, then all you need is a penny to start the reels spinning. If you are ready to get to work on the virtual farm, then all it takes is a penny to get the reels spinning. There are pay lines buttons to help you get your pay lines right. The maximum bet per spin is $90.

And before placing real money, you can get in some practice rounds to get into the flow of the game. There is also a a pay table button where you review game icons and their respective amounts. There is also an options button that allows that can get you to tweak game settings like reel speed. Farmers Futures is designed for both desktop and mobile devices to be played either straight online or downloaded to your preferred mobile device. Wager Gaming Software proudly presents Farming Futures, a cute seven reel game that puts a whole new spin on farm living.